Postprocessor customization for NX CAM

Our company develops postprocessors for machine tool controllers – be it a milling machine, a lathing machine, a wire EDM, or a machine tool. After a survey, we can provide a quotation, which covers the survey, the manufacturing of the postprocessor unit and the on-site testing of the equipment.

If your company possesses any kind of machine tool, and we already developed the postprocessor for that controller in the past, we can also create a simulation for the machine tool. During the simulation we create a 3D model, and perform a kinematic simulation on the modeled machine tool.

Production and logistics simulation

The problems listed above are the basic areas, where graphIT Ltd can help you with production and logistics related simulations. We offer our services to companies which lack the option of buying such a software, or have no spare time to learn how to operate such a software, or simply have not enough spare time to work on such a project. During the production and logistics simulations, we familiarize ourselves with the system you would like to optimize, then we generate a virtual model of the system. The model provides options to examine and evaluate the existing system. We can modify the virtual system to produce errors and malfunctions that would occur in real life, then examine the effects of these errors in order to be able to fix them in the real life system. With the help of these simulations, you can access information that helps you decide optimally in certain situations. You can optimize the production, increase overall efficiency, maximize each resources’ occupancy, and save significant amounts of money. We operate in cooperation with other third-party companies.


graphIT Ltd places a great emphasis on the training of the users and the continuous professional support. Our new training base provides increased capacity and modern infrastructure to help you familiarize yourself with our solutions, and operate them efficiently.
Our company – a certified adult education institution – offers training courses for Siemens PLM products. Our main training profile is related to CAD softwares, such as Solid Edge and NX, but we recently began teaching Tecnomatix softwares, which can be used in digital production. We offer a number of different training courses for our customers, including two courses with program accreditation. We also offer professional (Information Technology) theoretical trainings with teachers who possess the appropriate degrees and certifications, and a significant amount of professional, and teaching experience.